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Piercarlo Bonomi Casting Automation

Piercarlo Bonomi

The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines

When I started to face the robotic cutting and deburring systems, I needed many years before I fully learned the functionality and effectiveness of each single system and every afternoon after high school I spent all my time next to my father in the company assembling machines and servicing them.

However, over time, through this job I understood which systems can give great results for the client and I realised that it was worth while studying all the details and the features of each single system

As I grew up and with experience it often happens that I speak with a client about solutions for different processing problems and almost all confirm that our machines are the only solution on the market able to solve specific problems.

But there is a problem!

I understood that there had to be an easier way to solve various processing problems, also because it wasn’t just one client who had them. So in 2000, together with my father, we developed a series of products never seen before and we started building robotized systems specifically for  cutting and deburring automation.

Nowadays I’m the head of an engineering department; every day I work and I focus on the development of more and more specific systems which are simple to use. Machines that allow automation and making profitable operations, which until that moment could only be done manually.

Now therefore, with my family I manage a dynamic company which  offers high-tech solutions to solve real, concrete production problems of  pieces  that no one else is able to solve in such a short time, thereby saving money especially in the medium and long term.

We believed in robotic cutting and deburring in an era when it seemed impossible to realise. We developed all the products necessary to make a robot capable of working castings reliably.

Such a development that makes the Casting process automated (Casting Automation) and able to allow the client to have a system that increases his corporate profit margins. That is precisely why our clients recognize this and continue a strong working collaboration  together with us with the same goal to continually improve  this process and automating it to perfection.

If you are an entrepreneur focused on your production,
saving time and money,  then you can’t manage without my systems!

Today I can say that nobody has the experience that we have and the performance that we can ensure. Talking to the client, anticipating the problem in advance and solving it with our system allows us no competition within our target market.

We bet about our integrated project: the machine has been designed starting from client needs. We take care of the mechanical, electrical project directly in our company, building the pieces ourselves and assembling them. Furthermore, we do all the software and follow the servicing as well. Each project is the result of our constant growing experience merged with that of our client.

I will finish with a citation from a great businessman, Enzo Ferrari who said “Fortune favours the bold”: every day we propose bold solutions, we innovate our products and the market, creating added value for each of our clients.

If you need any further information about the Casting and
Diecasting Automation Process Write Me Now at:




Before calling Trebi we had problems finishing the parts, in the sense that with the old machines we weren’t able to fully complete any of the parts. This posed a serious Problem for us, because it isn’t easy to find qualified manpower in this sector. Trebi solved this problem with machines that had more wheels and an application that means that the part undergoes less processing stages, with the addition of a revolver unit that now permits me carry out filing, milling and other various operations that I used to do by hand.

Therefore, in respect to the past, the results I got have been great for productivity, which has improved by 50%, especially in the quality of the finished product. You can clearly see this here: www.bmtpuliturametalli.it/macchinari/

I have to say that by choosing Trebi and Piercarlo, I found the solution that no one else was able to provide me with, and I would highly recommend these solutions because they solve any kind of problem that may arise in the manufacturing of castings.

Romele Luigi

B.M.T. Di Romele Luigi & C. Snc
25055 Pisogne (BS)



I contacted Trebi because I received an order for cutting and deburring, and as my company didn’t have a system that would allow me to do this type of work I decided to invest in a robot. It was a real problem for me to manage the job without a robotic system, and I have to admit that today, thanks to Trebi, I am much more competitive than I was in the past, not only in terms of the above mentioned job, but also for several new orders that I have had recently.

In terms of percentages, I can say that today my productivity has improved by about 30%. That said, I also have to thank other Trebi customers who recommended that I contact Piercarlo, and in turn I recommend all the company’s solutions to those seeking to improve their productivity.

Andrea Ronchi

Temprall S.r.l
Via Cav. Pierino Migliorati 28-B
Pavone del Mella Brescia. 25020


omp tea
You already know what I think of Trebi. Maybe Giacomo knows what I think better than his sons. If you like I can share my thoughts, although I’d say that the 11-12 systems that I bought speak for themselves…

Sergio Pasotti
Via Industriale, 14
25070 Bione (Bs)



Before calling Trebi I had problems with the cycle times being too high and too much manpower needed due to deburring being performed manually. It was an extremely big problem: high costs and inconsistent quality in the final product. The problem was solved purchasing a robotic deburring island for die-cast parts and installing a Fanuc robotic deburring system with 2 grinders and a turret with 4 pneumatic tools and a vision system for picking up the parts.

I’d say that on a scale of 0 to 10, the results and the success of these solution have been a 9. Well, I can’t say that it has increased that much due to the market situation, but productivity has improved; whereas before I needed 4 people, it now only takes one for loading and unloading.

I chose Trebi for the quality/cost ratio and I would recommend them because if there are any problems they can be solved pretty quickly.

Alessandro Dal Pozzo
Via I° Maggio, 12 – Zona Ind. Artigianale
35030 Bastia di Rovolon (PD)



We cutted manually and we had big problems with the work safety and also for process safety for this reason we were looking for a partner for the automatic cutting. Trebi has the cut very easy and quickly automates; so It resolved our problem with a 3 axle simple robot.

At the moment we have 3 robots and we are very happy with the Trebi technology because we have incremented our productivity and our quality especially.

We have known Trebi at GIFA show and now we suggest the company for improve productivity and quality in different kind of production. Moreover, the very important aspect to highlight is about the company’s support for every need because it suggest you the best way of production.

Andreas Adler
Head Of The Foundry Department
Hansgrohe SE. Vor Heubach 1.
77761 Schiltach – Germany



A specific part were grinded by hand by our operators. This operation took a lot of time and often, the results were not satisfying.  We solved this problem buying a Trebi robotic finishing machine.

This machine is able to manage automatically the grinding operations, making a high quality of the part worked with reduced cycle time. The result is a real improvement of this kind of operations, following the request of quality of our customers.
We were looking for a solution to our matter, and we found it in Trebi.

We asked around and we looked in the internet. The machine bought is able to satisfy our needs and the machine is enough flexible for this kind of operations.

Paola Riva
Metalfirma Srl
Via San Carlo, 23 E
20847 Albiate – MB – Italia


Hello, My name is Holger Diefenbach,

I am the owner of b-konzepte.de – a agency which represent some italian companies on the german market.

Our first and biggest cooperation partner is TREBI di Nadia Bianchi. In the beginning we shared some prejudices some german companies have against the southern european manufacturers:

Are they on time with offers and necessary answers?

Can they produce the quality we need?

Do they follow the service after selling?

And we were surprised…! Right from the beginning we found a partner which answers always to the customers questions and follows the needings directly. The offers, our german customers asked arrived easily and very professional.

Through all projects we realized in the last years, TREBI shows a complete transperency to the customer and were open for all needings and wishes. But also after delievery TREBI is always available and react very fast and customized. 

All in all we can summerize that TREBI is a partner which is really prepared for the future of automation and with new ideas and a never stopping developement there will be a lot of benefits for our final customers!