Trebi is ‘ABB Value Provider’!

We are proud to announce that Trebi is an ABB Value Provider!

We have been working with ABB for several years now and have invested and believed in the partnership from the very beginning.

In 2012, we purchased the first 10 robots which maybe we could have bought and operated them ‘somehow’, just using external collaborators, but instead we started training our technicians and created informative documentation for the quick use of the robot.

The development of the software to manage the robot, implemented new functionalities that we had not imagined possible.

The machines were designed to take full advantage of the mechanical characteristics of the robots, (their speed and rigidity).

Our collaboration with ABB enabled us to build high performance, fast and reliable machines.

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Machines built with ABB were delivered to every corner of the world, for prestigious and demanding customers, working around the clock, to improve customer productivity and enhance worker welfare.

The TREBI machines have the ability to take heavy and exhausting workload off the operators. Just think that while you are reading this article, an ABB robot applied in TREBI machines is smudging, sanding, and finishing a part that tomorrow will be on the car you will buy, or part of an LED lamp, or in thousands of other objects that will affect your life.

Today, the recognition of certification as an ABB Value Provider seals and rewards our commitment and success.

This guarantees a competitive advantage for both TREBI and its customers.

ABB certifies TREBI as an important and knowledgeable partner in robot applications and provides us with superior support (both technical and commercial).

TREBI now has access to more technical information and technicians have a higher level of training.

This is a step forward in order to further improve our product, knowledge and competence of our technicians with a competitive advantage also for the eventual customer, who will get better and faster service.

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Trebi is officially an ABB Value Provider!

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Autore: Piercarlo Bonomi

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