How much could you save if you robotize your deburring processes?


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No waste, greater safety, more profits. we lead our customer towards the intelligent supply chain.

Zero non-compliant pieces to certify the production process

By automating the supply chain we simplify the procedure to obtain the process and product certification.

Thanks to total control, the human factor is reduced to the benefit of the workpieces quality: always the same and in compliance with the specifications.

Reduce waste to earn with the finishing process

Our machines can be installed inside the casting cell, in continuous flow, thus between casting and finishing. This approach streamlines the logistics between the phases and makes the machining of the workpieces much more effective. Furthermore, we dedicate dozens of hours to simulations and the result is: process optimization and zero dead times.

Optimize the work environment to make the company safer

To offer a comfortable and safe working environment, according to the latest regulations (ATEX), we manufacture totally enclosed machines. Thanks to this solution, the time dedicated to installation is reduced, the daily cleaning is simplified, and the acoustic comfort is better throughout the work area

Increase productivity and remain competitive over time

To achieve the shortest cycle times, we use highly rigid robots. The reduction of vibrations during machining allows us to improve performance by cutting down on time and extending the life of the tools, for constant production over time and to its full potential.

Automate production. Go ahead to the future.


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Get a customised simulation of consumption, cycle times and the finishing level of the workpiece before the system becomes operational.

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Areas of application

We offer systems for different sectors with a common denominator: total control. Experience has us allowed to develop solutions to monitor process efficiency and quality. The adaptation of emerging technologies also means the right information at the right time.