Industry 4.0…. alla fraud

Today everyone talks about industry 4.0

Too many talk about it, without knowing anything about it.

The problem of industry 4.0 is that it is disclosed as the latest revolution… even if those who speak do not know anything about it.

Let’s make some clarifications.

Industry 4.0 is the revolution of the internet of things, big data, factory automation, augmented reality.
It is a word to define many things, in my opinion to many.

Then in Italy there are incentives for the purchase of goods that meet a series of characteristics that are defined by Industry 4.0; and this is another thing.
In Italy these incentives are called hyper-description 250%.
In other words, 250% of the real value pdf the asset can be tax deducted.

To get these incentives, the asset that you purchase has to be industry 4.0. So all is industry 4.0.
Yesterday I received the offer for a workbench!!!!

If it would have been nice!
Instead it was a bad workbench passed off for a good one, that could be good for the incentives.

I wonder, but do people really believe it????
And those whoever sell this workbench do they really believe that it works???

I’m talking about the the workbench because it is a simple thing to understand.
It is easy to understand that this is not industry 4.0 and that it can not go under the state incentives…. unless you do not want do do a state fraud.

Now what I write from here on, I sure I will get threats of many people….

But like the workbench, there are a thousand machine builders who sell their product for industry 4.0 incentives… even if it’s not true.

Machines badly designed by han, with an improvised electrical scheme and a non-existent software that upgrades without any modification or improvement are industry 4.0 today.

Builders reason like that:
I put an ethernet port on the machine and we are okay. Then it will be the client who has to do the certifications.

Precisely the expenses for the necessary declarations are on client’s behalf.
Up to € 500,000, certification is even as self-certification. So you by your own, in secret can write whatever you want… and you are happy as long as someone does not come to check.

Then what happens if you do this fraud?

I don’t know, nobody knows it.
Maybe nobody will control and your fake machine industry 4.0 will work great until the end of its days.

Maybe the consequences of this fraud will be very expensive.

I don’t want to cheat .

Also because a real industry 4.0 machine gives many advantages.

It makes operator’s work better and simpler, and the quality of the products will be better and your client will be more satisfied.

What is industry 4.0?
It is difficult to talk about it in a exhaustive way, because there are many arguments and all are evolving and fermenting.

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