Future machine

“In the near future the machine will do everything.
The foundry will order the aluminium and everything will be automatically adapted”

But, do you really believe that?

This is what thousands of vendors tell, tose who don’t know the real processing problems.
The meaning of Industry 4.0 is completely different.
Precicely no one can tell how tomorrow’s factories will be.

But what I can tell you is that you need many yyears of development and tests before introducing in industry a new tecnology.

So you can’t think that today there is no idea how to do and tomorrow we will go sightseeing on the moon. The real industry 4.0 means connecting all machines to the internet and collect many data to share.

This means that each machine has its own access to the internet and a server in which all information are written and receive them by means remote control.

Furthermore, the way you manage information has to be different than today.
The machine has to have information database. The information have to be synchronized in internet with lighter unified and fast communication protocols.

A huge amount of organized data to track products, to know processes, to improve processes, and undertake predictive maintenance.
How does the machine change?

A lot, especially in terms of development.

We must change the way of its conceive and understanding.
In few words, today to automatize you have just to take a robot and place it in front of the tool machine

Inside the factory of the future that won’t be enough. The robot and its remote access have to be interconnected.
Its maintenance need to be predictive, based on the real work load.

Each pc inside the company will know its workload, its efficiency, the machine efficiency during each work-shift, in the morning, afternoon and at night…
How many pieces it has processed, how many scraps and its tolerance limit…

I need to be able to consult the workload on the mechanics or the processing parameters that have been used.

All controlled by levels of permission and intrinsically safe.

This is the factory of the future.
Can we do this?

Yes. Although it is very expensive and complicated for the moment.

At Metef, we have given out the newsletter that talks about this matter

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Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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