“KNOWLEDGE FOR GROWTH”: The Open House’s Success

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Last week our Open House ended.


First of all I want to thank all those who took part.

I tried to do it personally, but the people who came were so many so unfortunately I could not do it.


We had an unexpected turnout.


A great success which rewards all the efforts that my team and I do.

But let’s step back.


The Open House comes from a strong demand from my clients: “Knowledge for growth”


Nowadays, every person and every company needs to know what I can propose to increase their profits, in order to be the first of the class and not second to anybody.

Doing “ as it used to be” is not enough, it was never enough. And today even less than before.

And to know is not enough to read a few articles in the blog. You have to see, to touch, to talk with me personally.

So to meet all this demand for knowledge, we decided to open the doors of our factory.

We had set up a beautiful showroom; for 3 days we put into operation  all our latest projects.

All those solutions that allow you to increase your business and that help you increase  your profits.


In case you did not come then here is what you missed:

  • The flexible deburring machine: the machine that is revolutionizing  deburring in the die-casting foundries
  • The cutting machine for large-sized  pieces: cutting without limits, as no one else is able to do
  • The cast iron deburring machine: with no limit  deburring
  • ABB Force Control: the system for a collaborative robot

I had arranged a catering service in our company. There were tables to sit down at and discuss about the machines, while the machines around us were all in operation.


I know I might be biased, but it really was an amazing feeling.


During the days of Open House we did demos: We stopped the machines and showed our clients  as if they were really working with our solutions.

Each client had a try at using the Force Control. He saw with his own eyes the potentials and its limitations. I explained to everyone how we built the machines and the passion we put into our work every day.

Many clients that came with doubts and on tiptoe went away knowing that they could  achieve great things by working with me. They all had clearer ideas about their future. They were convinced to have found a partner to work with in order to revolutionize their business.


Every client had tears of happiness in his eyes!



The solutions that I have showed you are so flexible and versatile that they could not fail to increase your profits.

It’s a scientific question!

By visiting the Open House each client became aware of this.

I was really happy with this event.


It was great!


I can not forget to thank ABB robot.

ABB recognized in us a reliable and concrete partner. As well as with the clients we are building a very fruitful relationship for everybody.

For us having a direct support from the worldwide market leader in foundry robotics, for ABB that through us increases its sales and the clients who value its solutions, for my clients who can use the best robots, with the best support by enhancing their profits.

PS: They tagged us on Facebook >> CLICK HERE


Now everything is over. The Open House is closed.


When will we reorganize it again?


Regarding the success we had, I think we will do it again the following year.

If you had no time to visit us you really missed an incredible opportunity.

If you want that your business increases too, you cannot just do nothing.


You cannot go backwards, even less wait until next year!


You cannot see the company with all the machines in operation as it was last week.

If you want to contact me, I will try to help you.


I will try to organize a personalized visit with us.

Contact me and I will try to help you too.


Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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