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It really happened. I was watching the news on the internet and when the browser suggested this to me:
Two operators, injured while cutting the casts, ended up being taken to hospital by helicopter.

It’s impossible that these things still happen nowadays
It’s impossible that it happened in Brescia!
Today I don’t want to talk about machines to boost sales or your client’s satisfaction.

Let’s talk about how much it cost IF it happens.

I don’t want to be a bird of ill omen
But if you work in a certain way IT WILL SURELY HAPPEN!!
We need to talk about these things

It’s purely a statistical probability. If you have a dangerous operation, a skilled worker is ALWAYS at risk. Even if you have a low probability of injury, something will happen.

How much will an injury cost?
You have to think about these arguments, because with the cost of an injury you can buy a machine.

Maybe you’re hiding behind the excuse that you don’t have money to invest.

But when you have to solve the problem of an injury who will you manage that?
So there are two possibilities; or you equip yourself or you change profession.

It’s the ugly truth.

Without talking about the human aspect. When one of my operators gets injured by doing work I asked him to do, I feel as if I’ve hurt myself and I feel responsible.
Whenever I’m thinking of a similar situation and talk with a client of mine he answers: “Does it cost as little as that?”

Actually, it is not so cheap, but when you know what an injury costs, that machine looks cheap.

Another important topic worth speaking about is the price of the machine.

Many times, it you’re only happy about the performance, you can have heaps of machines solving the problem by having the operator always exposed to risk.

When such accidents happen, normally nobody has really invested because nobody wants a huge machine solving problems.

When I make an investment, the machine has to do everything.”

And because everybody thinks like this, nobody has ever automated dangerous operations. Because of this way of thinking, the machine has an important cost that nobody can pay.

My experience has taught me that less complex machines give the greatest satisfaction.

If you work for the automotive sector, complex machines work if you just produce a single product. In this case it makes sense to solve every problem by making gigantic machines.

Do you find yourself in the same condition as the accident below?

Have you got operators cutting dies?

Think about it, before it’s too late.

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