Cutting with a band saw has never been so easy

Particularly when you have to cut fittings low-pressure casted.

Cutting a casting in low pressure seems like an easy thing, but it is not.

Until yesterday, there were lines operators who did this operation manually.
If you also have a foundry where you do this, then I’m sure you will understand this risk.

Lines of men who, with their hands and face close to the blade, are busy separating the pieces from the casting.

Maybe you put the machines secure …


Your operators are always at risk of hurting themselves!
You can not go on putting people’s health at risk.


What do you need?
A machine as simple as possible that cuts with a band saw.
It must be functional, easy to use, safe and fast.

On the market there is someone who makes machines like that… but with which result?

As I always say it is useless to look at a work cycle, maybe just the cycle time.
We must look at the constancy of the machine, the flexibility (ability to work many types of different products) and maintenance interventions that will be necessary to keep it operational.


Such a big risk for the operator and no decent machine to do the job is unacceptable.

Is it because you don’t have the right machine?

Because it is complicated.

An antromorphic robot standard and a band saw are not enough.
You need a very compact and robust special robot.

With an anthropomorphic robot, you can not do anything: the robot arm always collides with the blade, or you vibrate (because it is too small).

It takes a specific solution.

Let’s start with the clamping of the piece.
As you know, the pieces are deformed by extracting them from the shell or by graying them.
Today, moreover, the tendency is to make multifigure castings.

You can not therefore think of using a self-centring 2-jaw gripper (the classic used in 90% of the robotic applications)
You need a clamping piece that supports the piece from below, by using the gravity force intelligently.

This type of locking, however, implies that the machine is made in a certain way. It implies all the subsequent choices.

In practice it is necessary to realize a robot made on purpose.

So we got to work and we designed the definitive solution to this problem from scratch.

The countersigns were:

  • No improvised solutions


  • Fast and flexible machine
  • Cheap clamping part
  • Easy to program and without capacity limits

From nothing we got a machine that had never been seen on the market.
We have tested them for several years with forward-looking clients.
Today it is the time to propose it to everyone in a decisive and confident manner.

A machine that revolutionized the cutting concept for low pressure castings.


We needed also a simulation system to make the machine programmable even from the office!

So, I put my workers at work and we did an incredible thing. Today you can program from your PC at the office, simulate the whole cycle and send it directly to the machine!

A real gigantic technological step.

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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