Euroguss 2018

changes in the air – Euroguss is round the corner –

There is nothing more comfortable than thinking that all is fine, that we have arrived, that there is nothing better than what we are doing.

But unfortunately it’s not so!
If you stop, if your company stops, you will get lost!

Everyone thinks they are doing the best for their company, but is it really like that?

The year is about to start and there is an appointment that you really can not miss.
I’m talking about the most important die casting exhibition worldwide.
The exhibition will take part in Nuremberg, from January 16th – 18th.

At Euroguss you will find the latest important things concerning the die casting sector.
The best machinery companies, the best foundries, the best service suppliers.


You can see how industry moves direction in investments and researches.

Just to explain you how important it is, I tell you that the daily exhibition entrance ticket costs 40 € and to really get into it is crowded.

There are no free entrance tickets or special passes, each visitor has to pay.

It’s a really important and interesting exhibition.
I will present a concept-machine.
A new machine assembling the latest findings our research and development department has discovered.

We will display the best technology for cutting and deburring aluminium castings!

This new solution has been a secret until now. It’s a difficult and important step forward.
When you deburr pieces you often have to face an evolution of burrs to be removed.
Until now, the decision of what to do has always been entrusted to the operator. Starting from today the machine will recognize it on its own.

the machine sins the piece by means of a 3D vision, draws the burr profile and readjusts the work program by using the best strategy.

the machine is getting autonomous and intelligent.

Therefore you can see a variable cycle that depends on the piece taken from the robot.

A new system allowing you to change the way it has been produced until now.

furthermore, the system allows you to check the piece after the deburring in order to check its conformity according to the required specifications.

The machine is designed to perform all deburring operations that are required by the client nowadays.
you can file, deburr, sand, cut….
And today in an intelligent and autonomous way.

it’s an evolution waiting for you only… or aren’t you ready yet???

The machine has been redesigned to be integrated into the factory system and to exchange data with the rest of your production.

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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