Finally a specific exhibition


It’s not true that every technician loves going exhibitions?
It’s like an amusement park for a child: there are colourful lights and a lot of fun!!!

Furthermore, the best exhibitions are huge with machines of all sorts. Even those that aren’t interesting you.

But there is a problem!

You see plenty of lights, spend the whole day looking at different kind of solutions… but at the end of the day what did you reach?


Too much to see and to remember, no focus. The result? You enjoyed it but you have lost time.

So, it’s time to change direction. Specific exhibitions for specific issues.

This is Deburring Expo!

Finally an exhibition where to find everything you need to finish the items.

The present sector condition.

There are many companies offering products and machinery for deburring, grinding and polishing items.

Many different technologies are displayed: you can find deburring products, polishing, vibrating and sanding products.

The exhibition is only one a pavilion: in one day, you will have clear ideas of what you need or what you are interest in.

We will bring a simplified deburring machine version. Precisely we will have the latest system combining multi-tool deburring and cutting disc.

This system allows in a limited space to perform cutting and deburring operations. We use it for every machine that is installed directly in die-casting units

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this exhibition. Come and visit us.

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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