How important is it for you to count on your production on Monday morning?

How importanti is it for you to count on your production on Monday morning?

Every time the client objects to the machinery cost, I promptly replay: “How important is for you to count on you production on Monday?”
Who you consider your machinery investment return, you have to consider operator’s accessori costs too.
Have you ever considered that your workers could be absent on Monday morning?
Have you ever considera they yield less?
Have you ever seen productivity reduction at weekend?
How to blame them. Cutting and deburring work are really hard and exhausting.
The worker has to move weights, work with tools that vibrate, pay a lot of attention to operations he does (in order not to forget one and avoiding disasters)….

It is a really terrible job.
Robot does it without difficulty.
So are you comparing real costs?
Do you only compare the hourly cost?
It is like comparing 2 cars looking the horse powers only!
is that enough?
So it is necessary to evaluate every process aspect.

Robot gives different advantages:

  • constant productivity
  • Sure availability
  • Piece production always having the same quality
  • Less accidents
  • Workers will be more present at work
  • Work environment will improve
  • Delivery time will get better
  • We have to consider for the operator something more:
  • Low performance in the afternoon
  • Accidents
  • Less claims caused by the operator
  • Production errors
  • Training time

Holidays and well-deserved day off
I installed machines at clients where labour-cost was 3€…. and the client understood that it was worthwhile.

If you think about it, and you try to understand the cost of an operator and consequently how much you can invest in a automized demurring machine.

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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