Incentives are ending


Incentives are ending

I do not want to do both psychological terrorism and rush you up… but the incentives are finishing and there is a long queue.

Until the end of the year it is possible to get incentives for industry 4.0, the so called hyper-amortization.
Instead of sinking 100% of the machine you can write off 250%.
Depending on the case you can save up to 70 % of the cost of the machine.
In few words, the state gives you the machine as long as you link it to industry.

But everything ends up by the endo of the year. You just have to order the machine and pay 20% in advance and you will receive the machine by June 2018.

I know what you are thinking “but there is enough time” But the truth is that the queue is long. All serious machine manufacturers take the orders giving one-year delivery. These incentives have given to economy the turbo and nobody can follow all.

Think that components are also missing to build the machines: the biggest robot makers are doing the double compared to the past few years and deliveries continue to be late.

Some machine producers have little to do— but let me imagine why. He also has some ready to deliver… imagine why.

I have very long delivery times. Now we are closing orders that will be delivered in April.

There is little time left. Hurry up otherwise you will have to give up or settle for crumbs.

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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