Invest in foundries

Investire in donderia

In all the foundries , it is often forgiven the automatization of the process of cut and dribbling with robotization machinery.

This is a given.

Thousands of foundries don’t even think of the OBLIGATION of investing in a robot for cutting and dribbling.

We all think that one plate may shear and that the robot of cut and dribbling is a useless cost.

But there is a problem!

Who is doing diversely is earning a part of the market -is growing in an important way.

A time when the die cutter resolves all the problems.

Today you can only succeed in satisfying your client.

This is a given.

This is not only your fault, because until yesterday there was no alternative.

But today, the existing alternative and must do anything.

Do not misunderstand me – you cannot delete completely the mold shears; in a few seconds the mold shears makes thousands operations, but we can encourage disproportionately the operations to do with the mold die-cutter.

Perhaps you have already realized that the mold die-cutter can not do everything and you’re drilling pieces manually.

I often say: “The operation we do is little and simple, the robot is not convenient”

When I listen to this phrase I feel sick and start upsetting.


Any piece or operation you make, I can show you that you should (and how) install robotized machines for cutting and drilling.

Many would respond to my consideration:

“but I proved, bought the machine for cutting and dribbling.
I tell you that this is not a good investment”

And I strongly believe this statement.

Specially when I see the machine they bought!!!

A robotized machine must have this features in order to work fine:

  • Integral base
  • specific robot for the operation that you need to do
  • specific units of work for sequential use
  • active compensation systems
  • software systems to minimize and check the interventions of the operator

Has the one you bought these characteristics or was a poor robot screwed to the floor of your warehouse??

If the machine has the just features, the advantages are:

  • Constant productivity
  • reducing costs of logistics
  • precision of the produced pieces
  • reducing waste
  • reduction of returns for non-compliance
  • increase of marginality
  • reducing accidents at the factory
  • reducing turnaround times
  • increase of production capacity
  • total control of the process
  • interconnection with the process of the factory

there are many advantages.

Are you absolutely sure that there is no need?

Are you sure that you can wait??

The true problem is installing the perfect machine.

I know I too that there are still a lot of conmen.

A lot of people that want to sell more robots.

But one robot is not enough.

We need to find a supplier that knows how to anticipate your problems and propose solutions…but above all to build machines that give you all the benefits that you need.

Warren Buffet said” forecasting the rain is not use, we must be capable of building the ark”.

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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