The secret of multitask

The secret of multitask

when you have to dedurre a workpiece you should normally do several operations:
– dedurr the gating system
– file holes
– sand surfaces
-Open holes
– …..

where is the problem?
You have always done it that way!

Obiously, an operator can’t do all, he would have too many tools to manage.
Too many things to remember, too much time to change a tool.

so you have solved the problem putting a lot of operators in line.

Each operator has his competences…. and his rhythms.

Then you have thought to replace the worker who makes the deburring with a deburring belt robot.

Maybe you thought you were doing a great step forward!

All perfect ! where’s the problem?

The problem is that you may could do much more and better.
You could greatly increase your margins!

Let’s do one step at a time and evaluate the current cycle time.
Each operation costs a certain time, every time you take and leave and take the workpiece has another time.

If you really count the time your operators spend time in deburring and loos time in takeing and leaving the workpieces, so you will realize that’s really a mess!

Don’t think you are the only one, there are so many companies in this situation….
But many have decided to change.

If you do not want to get passed by competition you have to do something right away!

the secret is multitask!

somebody tried to put a robot in the flow, leaving many operations to the operators…. but that does not work!

It does not work if the has to be managed by the operator, if the operator has to perform many operations than the robot, if the processing quality depends on the operator’s one.

It’s not that if you have a fire, copy can put it off with a bottle of water! You have to do a lot more.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is really easy… but at the same time complex.

You need a multitask machine, having the same work capacity an operator has!

the machine has to be able to perform all operations you usually do by hand by using manual tools.

precisely, if you can do that you will earn lots of time.
Once the robot has got the workpiece it can do all operations without wasting time in useless leaving-taking as the operator does.

the automized system must only do simple operations, but all those you need.

It must:
– cut
– belt deburring
– file
– perforate
– sand
– mill
– deburr the small areas
– flatten

The machine has to give you the freedom to do everything automatically.

so you will have the following advantages:
– sure productivity
– fix cycle time
– constant workpiece quality
– independent operators’ costs
– operators need to advance the production without needing special trainings.
– reduced processing costs
– Better hourly efficiency

All these advantages are, however bested by this last:

I want to say, that if you have machines that are autonomous in production, at the time you have to increase production capacity, you have just to install a new one!

In your present condition, how do you increase production? where do you find the staff?

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Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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