I’m pissed off at the world today! One more time I have been fucked by a “Robottaro”!

But the thing that makes me more angry is that truth will out and client will consequences, and I have not been able to make him understand the importance of the problem.

what’s up ?

A client had to buy an aluminium deburring machine… and he bought the cheapest solution, Un cliente doveva compare una macchina di sbavatura alluminio….e ha comprato la soluzione più economica, to the detriment of him!

He thinks he made a deal, in truth he threw himself into a ravine!

He bought it from a “Robottaro” who does not know what he is talking about!

He gave him a machine, which is not good! It’s a dangerous one!
when you build a machine, you have to apply the EC plate: As a manufacturer you state that everything is good.

Then if something happens you have to defend yourself in front of the courts.

You user, if you find the EC plate on the machine, it does not mean that the machine is safe… it only means that the builder declares he followed the European standards.


There are too many “run away from home” who would like to build machines but sell rubbish.
You should invest in “Focus”

Focus means, extreme specialization.
This is the only way to think about buying a top-category product.

Especially when you are an entrepreneur, you must be sure about what you buy does not give future problems!

Focus means being vertically specialized in a sector and day after day increase one’s experience in order to give to the client a better service and a more competitive price.
In my opinion it seems a simple and linear concept. Burt unfortunately it ins’t so in my sector.
This is a green field where everyone is able to to everything.
In the end what do you need for automation? You just need a robot and everything is done.
Ot costs little, it takes time to do it… everything is perfect!
But there is a problem!
In the end the results are mediocre!!!
It’s a fixed rule. A relationship that is impossible to change: If’re not specialized, the result will be poor, ugly and maybe even dangerous.
There are no exceptions. There is no one who, although is not specialized, makes an excellent result, this is impossible!
When you went to school, could you get 10 without studying?
I don’t think so!
Doing automation is the same thing, even if it is much more complicated: if at school it was enough to study an afternoon to get 10, build machines 10 years are not enough to develop improvements.

Let’s go back to the matter in hand.
why has the client been cheated?

He is convinced he saved money, but he bought half of what he really needs.
My competitor did not do it with malice, but only of ignorance.

What is this for? and that?
I haven’t found an answer jet but in the end he delivered a limping machine.
a machine that is even dangerous.
Here you can download the catalog of professional demurring machines .

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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