Do you know that you have a bomb at home?


Do you know that you have a bomb at home?

I do not speak in a metaphorical sense.
I’m serious.

I’m starting to see this problem more and more often
No foundry ever thinks they need a deburring department, but in the end, it is forced to have one.
Each foundry, WIHOUT KNOWING IT, has a deburring department.

And the problem is NOT ONLY A MATTER OF COSTS.


In fact, everyone thinks about doing the pieces, but no one thinks about safety.

There is a rule that nobody knows. And even though they know it they behave as if they do not know it….

This rule is called ATEX.
There is someone who might pretend to know it, but thinks it can be applied only for machine builders.
But let’s go back to the matter in hand.

When you have an aluminium deburring department, especially with belts, you have everywhere aluminium dust everywhere.

When the dust becomes a cloud, you have the risk of explosion.

It takes just a little. You just need the right alloy of aluminium. You just need a non-trained worker… and you have the bomb!!

Aluminium is not explosive at the solid state. It isn’t dynamite.
However, you just need a strong concentration of fine dust in the air and a primer.

The fulcrum of the problem is here. You install a deburring department and you start producing aluminium dust.
Who makes this powder?

The workers usually produce dust with their hand-tools.

The workers are exposed to risk!
Operators who stand in front of a hand machine are exactly in the most dangerous place in the event of an explosion occurring.

Be sure something will definitely happen. I don’t want your bad luck, but it is a statistic. Are you sure you are willing to risk it?

As stated before, first of all the ATEX rule exits which means you have to respect the operator. The operators should be trained. They should take special care. Are they doing it?

Aluminium dust is one problem after the other!

The only way to avoid the problem is simply: you have to install a robot in front of the belt-machine. Then, of course there are a thousand things to reduce the risk of explosion.

But in the meantime, your operator is far from danger.

If you have a robot working, in that case it is the expert exposed to the explosion. If something happens, it will be the machine which has the problem, but definitely you avoid an accident or a dead person.

Obviously just a robot is not enough, you need:
A machine with several options to reduce the risk
A safety system that, in the event of an explosion immediately blocks the production of dust.
A safety system for the operator
A safe explosion outlet
With all this you can sleep quietly.

And you, are you sleeping quietly?
What are you doing to solve your problems?
Do not wait to have a huge problem before doing something!

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