Well yes. I am increasing spaces for machine building.

Trebi, the company that builds cutting and deburring machines, is tripling its production spaces.

More companies are commissioning me to build machines.

Delivery times are becoming longer, too long.

It was impossible to go on like this!

Today I produce machines with a very competent and enterprising team… and space is no longer sufficient.

So, we decided that it is time to move forward, much forward!

We are about to inaugurate a new production facility that is much better and larger than the previous one.

We are not ready to cut the ribbon yet, but work to set up the factory is frenzy.

We cannot wait to start using it.

The old structure will still be maintained for production parallel to the new one.

With the new plant, we aim at reducing the delivery times of standard machines, and to being the largest company specialised in cutting and deburring machines.

The prerogatives are all there. Everyone’s commitment is at their best.

We are organising everything to have the best efficiency of the entire plant.

The official inauguration will take place in the summer… and we will start assembling the machines in the new plant shortly.

During the inauguration, we will show the latest innovations in Cutting and Deburring for Foundry.

Book your ticket for the official inauguration.

The date and schedule will be soon available.

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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