Today I want to talk about the real secrets of my successful clients. 

There are 4 simple secrets.

And it’s like this, if you do not succeed it’s because you’re not making the correct choices.

Maybe you think that it’s enough to buy one of my machines and solve all your problems!


But there is a problem!


You must make the correct choices before and after the purchase. Don’t underestimate the rest of the work you and your company need to do.

The almost correct choice does not exist. There is a correct choice and a wrong one.

The article that you will read below, can be applied to many sectors and many situations.

Everyday, I live the mistakes of my clients and their stories of success and failure.


And I firmly maintain that success is a scientific matter.


If you fail you go into the abyss, if you get it right you can’t help but get better and be satisfied.

After reading the mistakes, the secrets of success will be much clearer.

  • correct supplier
  • motivated personnel
  • constant machine increase
  • constant employee update


– Correct supplier –


“If you want to win, you need a Ferrari”

For every product and every service there is the correct supplier.

The correct supplier is the one who provides you with the cutting and deburring machines, but also the necessary training to understand the process and make it function.

You do not have to think about finding the best piece. You are not buying a piece of iron with some electronic connection. You’re buying the solution to your problem. A big problem, which gets bigger every day if you do not find a solution.

Your supplier should not be too small or too big. The supplier has to follow you efficiently and flexibly.

He should not be closed for a 4 week holiday.

He must provide you with cutting edge products, which are in constant development, not standard machines, like the ones his grandfather or maybe mine designed years ago.

The supplier has to research, develop and recommend the latest materials to you including strategies of new production in order to improve your process and increase your profits.

Every day, my team and I invest time and energy to be the “Correct Supplier”.Day after day, we follow the needs of our clients, improve the service, increase our stock, and decrease the responding time to the client. We control the whole production process in every detail.

We do everything to give the best customer service.


– Motivated people –


“It’s not enough to have a Ferrari, you also need to be Schumacher”

Invest in your staff.

The key to success is to have motivated people working with the machines.

Every time we install a new machine incredibly I insist with the client to have a person responsible for the machine. One person, maximum two who learn how to use the machine, who learn the process and become familiar with the processing and the pieces. 

You have to place your employees at my disposal, those who want to develop. Those who want to learn all the basic information that my engineers and I can give them. The one who wants you to earn money, and in case a problem occurs, tries to solve it in the fastest time as possible.

The one who wants as much information as possible.

Doing it in this way, you have a technician who, day after day, learns and improves you process.

I will teach him to use his brain to understand the machine and make it work well. Your profit increase becomes immediate. If you have motivated people the cycle time will be in constant descent, consumption material will begin to cost less and last longer.


– Constant machine growth –


“It’s not enough to win the World Championship once, you have to win it every year!!”

The machines you buy today are different from those you will buy tomorrow… and if it’s not like that then you don’t have the correct supplier.

Machines have to keep pace with the times. The problems we are solving today, 10 years ago we could not imagine they even existed.

Even 10 years ago,the efficiency and service is not comparable with the quality we have to ensure today.

Two distinct actions must be done:

– up date and maintain the current machines

– increase the number and specialization


Up date and maintain the current machines


Machines have to be maintained in order. Original spare parts and skilled technicians allow you to maintain production efficiency year after year.

Then the machines must be updated. You ought to be able to use a latest generation solution even with your old machine.

So to give you this opportunity, every new machine we design takes the past into account. If today I have an amazing solution, I make sure that you can also install it on an older machine.


Increase the number and specialization


Continuing to increase the number of your machines allows you to track each customer more specifically.

Having specific machines for every sector allows you to increase your profits and improve your service.

A universal machine exists, but customizing parts for the machine can improve performance, reduce cycle time and consumption.

The more machines you have, the better the service you can offer.

You can have a superior range of specific solutions or greater production capacity.


– Constant personnel update-


Clients who truly value their company believe this fundamental point. The results are truly amazing.

I train a couple of employees with the first machine.

The training concerning how to use the machine is really important. I undertake specific courses for each client and I follow their needs. A course always lasts 2 days and is done directly with the machine. The employees you send me really try using the machines, first learning the theory of how to work safely and then putting it into practice.

If the client is far-sighted, he makes sure that the two employees who I trained will pass on the information to others and so form a dense team of technicians trained and motivated in the company.

This is the system for never having idle machines. Inside the company independently and autonomously will grow a series of increasingly specialized workers. Regularly, the clients then ask me for an advanced course in order to finish the training of their technicians who have already grown internally.


Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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