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Here is what I repeat every time I stand in front of an undecided client.

The kind of client who tells me “I’ve just got a few pieces, for me it’s not profitable to invest in a robotic system”.   

If you’re this kind of client …. Then please, close this page and find an “improvised” robotic system from somewhere else.


But there is a problem!

If you are well pleased, you will die!


I have seen many companies that  have believed in me and have invested, and many others who have preferred to remain stationary…. until they died.

I don’t want to make this matter drammatic but I assure you, that who discarded my solution came back with his tail between his legs apologizing.

If you invest in your future, tomorrow you will be able to grow and keep your clients satisfied. If you do nothing you’ll be forced to capitulate.


I learned that a machine can’t be built to produce just one single piece.


It cannot produce just one article!


Too often I stand in front of resigned clients.

Maybe you’ve looked at your production, you have chosen those pieces you can cut and deburr automatically…. then one of my competitors built a specific machine. 


But there is a problem!

Nowadays you are no longer sure of anything!


You can’t be sure that tomorrow this one piece will still be in production, times change quickly and tomorrow that machine may no longer be able to produce what you need.

Reconverting production back on one of my competitor’s machines will cost you many hours and working days.

Mountains of money thrown away.

The market is not what it used to be.

Today you need a machine capable of producing small batches, that is easily reconvertable, and which will cost you next to no time and money to do it.


If you want to keep up with the times you cannot forget this problem!


I have seen so many clients trusting my crafty copetitors, who simply gave them what they had.

What they had ready to deliver, an opportunity not to be missed, the machine that my competitor had ready on stock because it had not been withdrawn (Go figure!)

Then you settled for that and took a machine capable of working only one type of item. A dedicated machine.


But there is a problem!


Today this machine cannot be used anymore. It is not suitable for modern machining. If you put the pieces on this machine then you have to work them again.


In a few short words, this machine costs you to keep it both turned on and off!


What I can do for you is NOT to put you in front of all these difficulties.

I have studied your problems. I have not slept for many days in order to find a solution.

I had a meeting with my technicians and have invested many hours, days and weeks.

The final result is that we found the solution that allows you to have production flexibility and profit, even in the near future.



  • Has a robot and a system capable of working both large and small items.
  • Has the ability to do many different types of work
  • Cuts the retooling costs.
  • Has a quick retooling
  • Has an easy programming system


It has a robot and a system capable of machining both large and small items.


We never choose robots which limit your machine’s capacity.

Each robot is able to work different sized-pieces. I analyse your production and recommend the correct sized robot, which will allow you to work from the smallest to the largest piece.

The position of the work-unit is so arranged that it allows you to have the necessary space to work a very small piece and a very large one.

I have given performances to each unit,which guarantee you a very wide working capacity.

You are not bound by one type of production, with one kind of tool.

I give you the opportunity to completely change the production without throwing away the machine.


Ability to perform many different types of work


When you have my competitor’s machine, you have fixed tools, and just a single format for the work-piece.

When you want to machine something else…. you can’t!

Over the years I have studied the layout of the machine and that of the wok-unit in order to get the best use out of the robotic work-area

The units are designed to exploit the advantages of the robot…. and hide the defects:

  • cutting unit with extended spindle
  • grinding unit with rebuilt motor
  • unit for pneumatic tools with the possibility of orientating  the tool in the hole


Moreover, each unit can be completely rechanged in a very short time and without cost.

The same machine con be equipped for cutting, grinding, deburring, filing, satinizing and brushing……

Each tool can be easily replaced and on the same machine you’ve many possibilities.

Today you need only to cut and deburr the items, tomorrow maybe you need to file them: you change the tool (a 20 second operation) and you’re off. 

Would you like to add a belt operation?

You add the tool and start the machining.

In practice, I give you the chance to rechange the machine in a thousand and more ways and by cutting costs.

You can work different kinds of items with different problems, all with the same machine!


Cut retooling costs.


Days and nights I have been working on this point.

We have designed solutions on many fronts.

First of all we thought of a unit with quick tool connections

Then we thought of changing the gripper without the aid of an operator.

Finally, we equipped the machine with a vision system for loading the pieces.

You don’t have to build equipment to position the pieces. You just need a conveyor belt.

The machine brings them under a camera detecting the location and then communicates with the robot.

And you’re ready to go!

You’ve saved the construction of the fixtures, their assemblage, removal from the machine and their storage.

This gives you the possibility to work even smaller quantities thus reducing the retooling costs to 0.


Quick retooling

Retooling time, 10 minutes: guaranteed!


As I told you, I have equipped each machine with quick connections.

In addition I have equipped the machine with a vision system, so I have relieved you of the dismantling and reassembling job.

This was not enough.

We have equipped the machine with the latest software.

The machine remembers all the settings and reloads according to your requirement.

When you reload the programme it suggests the parameters to you, you see the notes for the correct retooling and it asks you to confirm what you have read.

With my system even the slowest operator becomes fast and accurate.


Easy programming


The robot on my machines just has to follow the motion of the piece.

The whole machine is managed by a plc which controls all the information and parameter flow.

The operator is helped with every possible operation.

Creating a programme with my machines is really a matter of a few seconds.


Piercarlo Bonomi
The Main Expert in Robotic Cutting and Deburring Machines

Autore: Trebi Casting Sofia

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